$149.00 USD

Certified Home Stager

The Certified Home Stager designation distinguishes your professional profile from other real estate agents.

  • You will be able to prepare a property for sale and transform it into the most desirable and welcoming home and see yourself living there! 

  • We will review various modules, each with its corresponding learning objective & subtopics; these are essential for you to know to achieve your overarching goal, and all are skill-centered. 

  • You will understand the linear progression of Staging a property from start to finish and recognize why each step is essential to achieving your goal. 

  • You will understand and be able to explain the impact that Staging has for a Seller & Buyer. 

  • You will traverse the staging process from the first moment a lead comes into communication with the client through the site visit & selecting inventory all the way through to the actual Staging process. 

  •  When you have completed this course, you will be able to measure how much you have learned and gain confidence from this!

And you will be provided with checklists & forms as tools to support you in this journey.