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Join a community of over 100,000 agents who have benefited from our team's training.

Cultivate Strategic Marketing Proficiency

Capturing the consumer's attention is an art and a skillset that can
be learned with the right coaching and guidance.

Establish a Deeper Knowledge in Consumer Motivation and
Decision Making

Learn how and why the consumer makes buying decisions and
how you can engage more effectively.

Learn How to Create Compelling Marketing and Social Media
Content that Gets Engagement

All Marketing is Not Created Equal. Learn How to ‘Talk’ to specific
audiences to get better engagement.

"His ability to see the big picture in the areas of sales, technology and marketing is very unique. Generally, one is fluent in one of these areas. Rarely can you find someone fluent in all three. This unique ability has allowed Terry to add tremendous value to our organization as he can hold conversations with consumers, agents, employees and vendors and speak their language. More importantly, he can connect the dots in ways many others cannot."

Lori Namazi - Former COO FirstTeam Real Estate, Consultant

"Terry is a visionary within the real estate industry. He is a change leader who not only promotes change but also has invested his time by encapsulating all of his years of experience in real estate to develop tools and resources to assist with and sustain change. Change is not easy, yet with Terry's vision of how to drive change he has made the progression simple and effective. Both the industry and real estate clients will gain incredible value from Terry’s innovative systems. Three words to describe Terry - Innovative, Inspirational and Driven. If you were serious about having a long-term career in real estate, I would highly recommend Terry."

Jo-Anne Oliveri - Founder irevolution & Internation Coach and Trainer

"Terry represents as great a confluence of competence, charisma, collegiality and caring as anybody I've met connected to the industry. His understanding of how to mesh marketing with technology sets him apart."

Allan Dalton - Former President & CEO of Move

"I've known Terry for many years and consider him a Thought Leader and Innovator in the Real Estate Industry. Terry's products are based on the systems he uses in his personal real estate practice that are proven to get results. I recommend Terry highly and that's from my heart!"

Jim Morton - Founder Prospects PLUS

Create Compelling Marketing and Social Media

Certified Real Estate Marketer



  • A 4-part formula to integrate into your marketing that will capture attention
  • How to create compelling marketing messages for marketing offline and online
  • Drive more traffic to your open house with creative copy
  • Real-life samples of expert marketing that you can duplicate
  • How to use ChatGPT to generate creative copy

Learn from an accomplished executive
with experience in the real estate industry spanning several decades. 

Terry has shown a remarkable talent for growing businesses, recruiting agents, and driving sales.

One of Terry’s most notable accomplishments was being recruited from his home country of Canada to California to serve as Executive Vice President at First Team, Christie’s International Real Estate in Irvine, CA. During his tenure, he oversaw 24 offices, managed 20 senior managers and 6 assistant managers and 2200 agents. Terry was also the CEO and Founder of three real estate technology companies.

Terry has won numerous awards and accolades throughout his career for his outstanding work in the real estate industry. During his time in real estate sales, Terry was consistently one of the top Realtors in the country, selling over 100 homes per year for 15 years consecutively. Terry has also developed real estate marketing and technology strategies that resulted in numerous awards, including the Top Prudential Office in Canada and the National Bell Business Award for Marketing in 2008.

With a wealth of experience in real estate, training, and coaching, Terry LeClair is a highly respected executive and leader in his field. His extensive knowledge and expertise have made him a sought-after speaker and trainer, and his passion for the industry continues to inspire others. Terry’s highest calling is in coaching and mentoring others, and he finds tremendous joy in helping those seeking his counsel realize successful careers.

Terry is a true Canadian at heart; his love of playing hockey and coaching youth hockey has been a highlight of his life. He’s an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys hiking, road cycling, and beach football.

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